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Birdseye allows a heads-up view of your cameras to see what is going on around your property / space without having to watch all cameras that may have nothing happening. Birdseye allows specific modes that intelligently show and disappear based on what you care about.

Birdseye Modes

Birdseye offers different modes to customize which cameras show under which circumstances.

  • continuous: All cameras are always included
  • motion: Cameras that have detected motion within the last 30 seconds are included
  • objects: Cameras that have tracked an active object within the last 30 seconds are included

Custom Birdseye Icon

A custom icon can be added to the birdseye background by providing a 180x180 image named custom.png inside of the Frigate media folder. The file must be a png with the icon as transparent, any non-transparent pixels will be white when displayed in the birdseye view.

Birdseye view override at camera level

If you want to include a camera in Birdseye view only for specific circumstances, or just don't include it at all, the Birdseye setting can be set at the camera level.

# Include all cameras by default in Birdseye view
enabled: True
mode: continuous

# Only include the "front" camera in Birdseye view when objects are detected
mode: objects
# Exclude the "back" camera from Birdseye view
enabled: False